Dear Sir or Madam:

            Thanks for your interest in the Torino Cobra Registry.  At this point in time we are just beginning.  With your help hopefully this registry will allow me to create a large accessible database where I can lookup any information you folks can supply me with.  I will be able to tell you how many J-code Cobras are in the database as well as being able to break it down to How many J-codes Cobras with Automatics and A/C are in the Database.  The quality of the information available will be dependant upon the completeness of the information request form.  Please carefully fill it out as complete as possible.  The only required info is the first section. Itís no problem if you cannot complete the rest of the form.  Iíll gladly take any that I can get.  You are welcome and encouraged to register ALL cobras you can find. This includes and is not limited to Parts cars, Cobras in junkyards, Fields and such. Please DO NOT take someone elseís information with out their permission.  If anyone has questions or comments regarding a submission you may contact me via email at Or if you wish to call me, feel free between 4-9pm est. M-R and Fri. from 11am to 6:30pm anytime on weekends at (856) 307-2110.  Feel free to send any available information you think is relevant such as any production figures you may possess. Copies of build sheets, Marti Reports, or plain old photographs are welcomed also.


            Again I just want to thank all of you who are taking a bit of your time to make this hobby even better for all of us.  Iím dedicated to the task at hand and hopefully you are too.  Thanks so much for your participation.  When I get the database up and going I will send email or snail mail to let you know.  I will also take email requests from that point on.


Note: Your VIN# WILL NOT be public or shared with anyone w/o your permission. If I am contacted about your car I will not acknowledge its existence w/o contacting you first.

Please return completed pages 1 and 2 to the address above and keep this page for your record.  If you have a scanner you may return email them if you wish.


Sincerely yours,

Timothy J. Bewsher

Cobra Registrar